The Council’s Budget for the ensuing year (April to March) is set in January each year and is collected along with the Council Tax by the Borough Council.

For the forthcoming year (2017/2018) the Parish Precept was set at £60,200 by the Parish Council with a contribution towards Concurrent functions from West Lancashire Borough Council of £3,252. The Council also receive £300 per annum for Allotment management, £1,300 rent from the three local sports clubs at the Centenary Sports Ground, £5,700 rent from Telefonica for their telecomms base station and £142 from Electricity North West and BT for wayleave agreements. A total income, including some other minor items, of over £83,000. In addition, the Council will receive grants to improve the infrastructure from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) made by building developers.

The Council’s basic administration costs, that includes things like insurance, audit charges, training, room hire, the employment and expenses of the Parish Clerk, and legal and professional fees amount to £29,600

The Council’s affairs are audited on an on-going basis by an “Internal Auditor” appointed annually by the Council. An External Auditor, appointed by Central Government examines the Council’s “Annual Return” in June/July each year and reports to the Council.

Last year’s Audited “Annual Return” may be viewed by clicking here.