Closed Circuit Video Monitoring and Recording is now carried out continuously at the Parish Council’s Recreation Ground, Play Area and Car p1000580Park at Shore Road / Delta Park; the Council’s Centenary Sports Ground on Station Road and the Station Road Play area. In conjunction with All Saints Primary School, monitoring and recording at the school premises is also carried out continuously. CCTV is also installed at The Community Centre and Ball Court which benefit from a further bespoke system.

Night Vision gives 24hr Surveillance
Night Vision gives 24hr Surveillance

The total network is wirelessly integrated with the Internet giving the best CCTV provision of any Local Council within Lancashire and beyond.

Images are monitored remotely over twenty different locations; in addition the cameras can be controlled remotely from the monitoring stations.

A Wide Angle view at night
A Wide Angle view at night

Full Pan, Tilt and 25x Zoom magnification can produce facial recognition of evidence quality over all the sites.

Images and or video footage will be made available to the Police and other agencies as evidence in connection with crime detection and prosecution. Wherever possible, the Parish Council will, in collaboration with other agencies, pursue and prosecute any criminal or anti-social behaviour, including dog fouling and littering.

All Areas monitored 24hrs a day
All Areas monitored 24hrs a day

We also ask for the general public’s help; please advise the Parish Clerk whenever an incident occurs.

Any queries regarding the operation of this scheme should be directed to the Parish Clerk.















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