The Parish Council

The Parish Council comprises eleven Councillors drawn from the Parish or a location within three miles of the Parish. The Present Members were elected in May 2016 and serve for four years. Only ten candidates stood requiring Members to co-opt a further Member to take the vacant seat. Unlike the District and County Councils, the Parish Council is not political with most Members declaring an “Independent” status.

The Council meets on the second Monday of the Month excepting August. Meetings are held in the “Hesketh Bank Community Centre ” (Station Road) and commence at 7:30pm with a 15 minute Public Forum. Proceedings are normally concluded by 9:30pm at the latest.

The Public Forum gives parishioners the opportunity to address the Council regarding matters that concern or interest them, as a result, the Council might take on board suggestions put forward or act on matters causing concern. It should be remembered however, that the Parish Council will only take action on matters that fall within its gamut of responsibilities; it is not a clearing house for matters that should be dealt with by the District or County Councils.

If you are unsure as to whose responsibility a matter is, contact the Clerk who will endeavour to help.
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Providence Place
125 Roe Lane

The Office is only open part time (Normally Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings although this is frequently varied to cope with needs of the Council ). It is closed during the Annual Recess in August each year when any urgent matters should be directed to the Chairman. A Voice Mail facility exists for messages to be left for the Clerk who will respond on his return.

Tel:     01772 812681
Fax:    02030 511934
Email:  Clerk