Results of the Election held on 6th May 2021 can be found here https://democracy.westlancs.gov.uk/mgElectionAreaResults.aspx?XXR=0&ID=500000086&RPID=504050125
The Parish Council comprises of eleven Members of the public who serve for four years.

If you are over 18 and living in, or within three miles of, Hesketh Bank you are likely eligible to stand.

The Election process is managed by the Returning Officer at West Lancashire Borough Council in Ormskirk.

Parish Councils are independent of both Borough and County Councils and operate within their own legal framework.  They are in the main non-political although clearly Members may have their own political views, and work to promote and maintain their own Parochial Area, seeking to represent the views and aspirations of the resident who elected them.  They are financed by a precept, which is added to the local Council Tax bill and amounts to around 80p per week for a Band D home here in Hesketh Bank.  In addition, they endeavour to source grants and funds from other organisations to promote their work.

If eleven or less prospective candidates put their names forward, they will be ‘elected unopposed’, however more than eleven nominations will result in an election.  Therefore, who represents you is entirely dependent on your vote.